Forget the CPAP: Manage Sleep Apnea With a Simple Oral Appliance

If you’re worried about sleep apnea and need a simple and effective solution, put your CPAP machine away and come in for a cu

Did you know that nearly 22 million Americans struggle with a disorder known as sleep apnea? It’s a troubling chronic condition that causes you to repeatedly stop breathing in your sleep for several seconds each time when soft tissues in your throat collapse and obstruct your airway.

Common treatments for sleep apnea include lifestyle changes, like weight loss and exercise, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, and in extreme cases, surgery. At Dental Spa of Broad Street, in Clifton, New Jersey, Moise Nawlo, DDS, Loay Shadid, DDS, and our knowledgeable dental team have great success helping our patients manage the dangerous condition with a simple oral appliance. We’ll share with you more about how an oral appliance works, but first, let’s take a closer look at sleep apnea and why it’s so dangerous.

Symptoms of sleep apnea

Characteristics symptoms of sleep apnea include:

People with sleep apnea often struggle with concentration, focus, irritability, and depression.

Risk factors for sleep apnea

There are a number of causes for sleep apnea, including:

You’re also at higher risk for sleep apnea if others in your family also have it.

Complications of sleep apnea

If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to a number of detrimental complications, such as:

Treating sleep apnea

The go-to treatment for many years has been the CPAP mask, but our team favors a simple dental device to get the best results. The easy-to-use device keeps your airway from collapsing as you sleep by moving your jaw slightly forward and holding your tongue in position. The appliance fits snuggly over your upper and lower jaw, like a sports mouthguard. Our team takes measurements and molds of your mouth to give you a perfect, comfortable fit. When you head to bed each night, simply slip the oral appliance in to get a safe and peaceful night’s sleep. 

The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and The American Academy of Sleep Medicine also recommend an oral appliance as an effective alternative to the bulky CPAP machine. 

To learn more about sleep apnea solutions, call the office or request an appointment online.

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