The Many Benefits of All-on-4® Implants

Dentures and custom bridges used to be the primary method of tooth replacement, but dental implants completely revolutionized the way we replace teeth. Implants are rooted in the jaw, preventing bone loss and acting as normal teeth. However, when full-mouth restoration is needed, receiving an implant for every missing tooth can seem like a daunting obstacle. 

Dental Spa of Broad Street in Clifton, New Jersey offers the All-On-Four® system for those requiring intense dental work. This implant system offers many of the benefits of individual implants, with a faster recovery time and smoother operation. So what are All-On-Four implants, and how do they rank against traditional dentures and implants? 

Why dental implants work 

Dental implants are stronger and more natural than traditional dentures and have become the preferred option for those with missing teeth. 

Perhaps the most obvious advantage over dentures is that implants are permanent. There’s no possibility of implants slipping or coming out while the wearer is speaking or eating. However, that’s only the beginning of the advantages that implants offer. Other benefits include:

The benefits of choosing All-On-Four

When you’re replacing a single tooth with an implant, the system resembles a natural tooth very closely. The implant itself acts as the root, and the artificial crown looks and acts like a normal tooth.

However, when you have multiple teeth to replace, getting individual implants for every tooth can be redundant. When you need to replace a complete set of upper or lower teeth, the All-On-Four system extends the advantages of dental implants.

Instead of one implant per tooth, the All-On-Four system uses four implants to anchor a permanent replacement set. These prosthetic teeth are made from porcelain, which is a tough, stain-resistant material that closely resembles natural teeth.

If you require a full set of replacement teeth, your top and bottom jaw can be firmly anchored with eight implants total. Even if you’ve lost some bone mass in your jaw due to lost teeth, you may still be a candidate for the All-On-Four system. The precise location of the implants is variable, so your dentist can pick the areas with the most bone density. 

When to choose dentures over All-On-Four implants

Despite the many advantages of the implant-based All-On-Four system, there are a few reasons why one might still choose removable dentures. The most compelling might be the loss of jawbone mass. If you’ve been without natural teeth for some time, your jaw may have deteriorated too much to allow for implants. Bone grafting may be an option, but this adds to the time and expenses of the All-On-Four procedure.

Your dentist can help you make a decision that will ensure the best outcome possible. To get in contact with Dr. Nawlo, Dr. Shadid, and their team at Dental Spa of Broad Street, call 973-772-3990 or request an appointment online.

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